Theseus and the minotaur

By thunder4

A long time ago, in ancient greece. There was a young boy named Theseus, he lived a happy life with his mother, well untill he went to find his father. Who he found out to be the king of Athens, Aegeus. He defeated his new "wife" who in actuallity was a witch and lived happilly ever after. Well, then his father got a letter from King of minoans, King Minos.

It said in the letter: "I've heard of your recent finding of your son, Aegeus. Your son would make a great husband to my daughter. And improve the relationship between our kingdoms. You will send your son to the my city and he'll meet with his new wife." Aegeus didn't see a problem with this, minoans and Athenians had a rocky relationship for some while. So improving relationships like this only seemed good.

Aegeus came to his son and said: "My only son, Theseus. I've come with great news! You are going to get married to the daughter of king Minos!" Theseus knew of the disputes between the two kingdoms and knew king Minos. He knew that there was a catch somewhere, maybe a bait to lure him in. But he couldn't say much about it. "Tomorow you are going there on a galley. " Before Theseus could say anything Aegeus left.

Theseus had the whole night to wonder why would Minos do such a thing, was it truelly just a bait or a regular attempt at diplomacy?

When he woke up, it was already time to go, he said his goodbye to his dad and went. Theseus went down to the docks, where a galley with black sails was docked. Why there were black sails? Did it mean anything? Before Theseus could think more about the black sails a soldier came to him and said: "Oh, you must be Theseus, the kings son and heir of the Athenian throne! This is the ship that will get us to the King Minos' Palace, Knossos." The soldier pointed at the ship with black sails. Theseus was bit worried about it, even when he didn't know what they meant. He senced that it meant something bad.

The journey to knossos was long and a bit painful for the young prince. But when he came to the palace, or palace-city of knossos. He was amazed, he expected more mycenian style of city, but not a city that's one big pallace! Right in front of the entrance there was him, the king of Crete. "Hello my young boy! Welcome to my lovely palace, the soldiers will show you the way to your room." He said and left. The soldier lead him through the complex labyrinth that was the pallace city of knossos. They came to one room and shoved him there and one of the soldiers said "You'll meet yout wife tomorow, for now on I would recomend you to stay here. But you can go around the palace-city, but don't get lost."

Theseus looked around his room, it wasn't that much diffrent from any mycenian room in size or shape, but it was filled to the brim with wall paintings. The artists must've had fun with his room. He wanted to go out and explate this amazing city, but he remembered the soldiers warning. "don't get lost" How could he get lost here? It was a city filled to the brim with people that could help him to find the way. So he set out for exploring. While going through the lovely painted halls of the palace, he seen happy citizens. Kids which played, adults who worked, merchants who sold stuff. It was quite intresting. But before after some time, he came deeper into the palace, found less and less people on his way. He stopped at a door, the door had a warning on it. "Do not enter" it said. Theseus wondered what could be behind that door. The kings treasury?

This deep? No, it couldn't be his treasury. A wine cellar? No, it wasn't, it didn't smell like one. He lightly opened it. It was pitch black in there, so he took a nearby torch and went in. He saw a weird half-cow woman in there. The woman had cow horns, cow tail and cow legs. He was a bit disturbed by the cowwoman, untill she said with nice soothing voice "You don't seem like, one of my fathers soldiers. Who are you?" "I-I'm Theseus, nice to meet you." He answered. Wait, her fathers soldiers? "Can you get me out of here?" She said, then the door slammed and got locked. A male voice said "Nice to see that you found your wife, Theseus! Now enjoy your time with her! Untill you'll die! HAHAHAHAHAHAAA!" It was the voice of king Minos.

Theseus came around the cell, they weren't the only ones there, there were six other monsterswomen and men. Three of which were centaurs, two harpies and one snake woman. He came back to the cow woman "So wait, he's your father? How did you become like this? Why are you here?" The girl sighed and said "It was sometime ago, when I was walking around the city. I've found this cell with all these monsterwomen and men. I was shocked that my father would do such a thing! Then came my father and a witch which turned me into this! And he said that I'm no longer his daughter!" The girl went to tears. Theseus came to her and hugged her. "Don't worry we will get out of this place. And also what's your name?" "Asteria." She answered. He looked at her hands, they were suprisingly muscular for a woman. He asked her "Could you try to break the other ones cuffs? You look strong and those cuffs look weak." "I could certainly try." She got up and broke the centaurs cuffs with ease. "Wow I didn't expect that it would go this much easilly!"

When Asteria broken all the twelve cuffs they were ready to escape. But the door was still closed. He wondered how they could open it, then a centaurwoman came and said to him "Step back, I'll take care of this." He stepped back and the centaur went slammed with her hind legs into the door. With the door shattered they could escape. But they should escape quickly before the guards came.

They ran away from the prison and came out the entrance with ease, since the guards were asleep. Well and some that aren't were taken easilly. When they ran away from the Palace city, Theseus wondered why would Minos do such a thing to these people. He asked one of the centaurs and she answered "I simply don't know. Previous king was alright with us monsters and our husband coexisting here. Maybe he just simply despises monsters." They came to the port, there was only one galley, the galley with which Theseus came here. So they used it.

After another journey to Athens. Theseus came to the palace to realise that his father commited suicide, he realised why he did commit suicide. He forgot that he should have changed the galleys sails from black to white! So from that point on Theseus created a city where both monsters and humans could live together. And ofcourse had many children, both human and minotaur with his wife Asteria.

"Well untill the spartans came and showed us up north." Said a minotaur woman in front human boys and monster girls. "Wow, mom I can't believe that were are related to nobles." said one minotaur girl. "I can't believe king minos would do such a thing" said little boy with a harpy chick in his arms. "Yeah I don't too! Good that up here north they aren't going to attack us." Said young medusa. "Well it's too late, you all should go to bed! It's too late! And you don't want to end sleepy tommorow!" Said the minotaur woman. And all the kids went to their wood-stone houses.

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