A Gorgon story

By thunder4

In a lonely small village bordering Illyria, there is said to live a dangerous gorgon, that could turn any human into raw stone. Everyone who has tried to defeat her has been turned to stone. Even the bravest of heroes and the most experienced of adventurers, ended up as another part of her collection.

The village has been home to a young man with the name "Androkinos". He was weak but strong-minded person. He was always unliked by the whole village, no women ever went after him instead they always insulted him. It was because he always a helpless romantic, he wanted a woman who instead of constantly complaining. He never thought that he would end up as a happy father with a human woman. All that he's seen always acted very selfishly, only wanting eather money or being showered with endless affection and always acting to their husbans like they were some pigs or cattle and never giving the any affection. It wasn't better with their husbands, eather dumb as a dog or a pig.

But one day he thought to himself that a same person could feels the same could understand him or accept him. So he got up and done the most craziest thing in his life, he decided to go and visit the gorgon. But for safety mesures, he took the strongest peace of cloth he had in his small house and went his way. His house wasn't too much far from the lair, so his walk took only a short while. When he was right next to the gorgon lair, he put the cloth and warpped it tightly around his head and eyes. And he entered the lair, the lair itself was dimly lit, there were some stoned warriors in the front of the chamber and nothing much else, though he couldn't recognise much from it.

There was a small burp, it sounded like it came from a small animal, if animals could burp. "Who dares to enter my lair? Noone who came here has defeated me, nor anyone will ever!" Said a suprisingly calming female voice. Androkinos couldn't react to it properly, because of how much calming the voice was. "I haven't come here to kill you, mistress. I've come to ask you something." Said Androkinos, while he tried to not sound scared. "Oh, then what do you want to ask me?" Androkinos could feel the cold blooded scaled snake tail of gorgon gripping his body. "It - It's ju - just that if you would like... for me to be your husband?" Said Androkinos while blushing. "Wha- Wwwwwww... Whaaaat? THIS IS GOT TO BE ONE OF YOU, HUMANS TRICKS TO GET ME KILLED!" The gorgon said while trying to untie Androkinos cloth, but while she was trying to untie it Androkinos grabbed her by her hands. The gorgons' heart was never beating so fast in all of her life. The gorgon wrapped her tail around him so tightly that he couldn't move, but not killing him.

Androkinos hearded some soft mumbling and then, he was tossed into a small room, before the he could react his cloth wrapped around his eyes was ripped with immense strengh out of his head. "Can you please stay in room, mister?" Said the gorgon. The room was dimly lit and the room had the walls fully covered in some sort of drawings. Even though he thought that he's going to get eaten or stoned, but after he got the smell of some sort of meat stew. When the gorgon entered the room he tried to cover his eyes, but she lightly wrapped around him and lightly taken him out of the room and straight into a some primitive looking kitchen. "Don't worry I won't stone you." said the gorgon "Also what's.... Your name...? Mine is Onkrea." "Androkinos." He said. The gorgon smiled lightly at him. She had letted him off on top of a chair. The chair wasn't too comfy all things considered, but it wasn't unsittable. The table was suprisingly large for one person, it looked more like for a whole generations of family. While Onkrea was trying to get some of the stew inside a plate, he realised that her arms were trebling. Onkrea came to the table and put the plate on it. "Might I ask you one thing. Why did you came here? Why didn't you find a human woman?" Asked Onkrea. "Well it's kind of a wierd thing to say, but I didn't find human women, well actual caring and supporting individuals. They've always acted very selfishly and thought only of themselfs." Answered Androkinos. "Also, why didn't you stone me like the others?" "It's because of how you acted, looked and feld. You know when someone has bad intentions with me, I'll just stone him. You know as a form of self-defense. But when you came I got the feeling that you were diffrent, I wanted for someone to actually love me. You know my mother always told me that I'll find a man that I could make a family with, even in these dark times."

Then came a moment of silance and the silence would have continued if it wasn't the heavy munches of the gorgon. After the dinner, Onkrea asked Androkinos if he would like to sleep, he agreed. That night Onkrinos thought that his life cannot get better, but it did.

Two months later

"How are the eggs doing? Asked Odrokinos his newly wed wife. "Good, darling" "Since we moved into this "monster" village, Ive feld that I realised that love is really what makes life worth it. And you are the love of my life." "I love you." Said Onkrea. "Me too."

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