A short ghost story

By thunder4

>It was a hot summer night

>Anon was about to go sleep

>While he was going to bedsheets, he felt a cold breeze

>it was too much hot for him so he didn't even use bedsheets and was only in underpants

>He still couldn't sleep because of the temperature

>He heard a giggle behind him

>Chills ran down his spine

<"Looks like he's asleep."

>Anon decided to play this game

>He had a weird feeling that something came through him

>Out of nowhere something pulled down his underpants

<"Here we have our big guys friend."

>He felt nice kiss, before someone started doing strockes with his dick


>And down

>Before he could even think about trying not to cum, he came

>She giggles

<"Looks like someone is having some good time."

>Before he even realised that he came he felt a soft warm sensation on his dick

>He opened his eyes and saw a long haired ghost girl with DD cups? **And frecles** blowing his dick

>When she realised that he was awake , she got scared and flew pass through and into his wardrobe

>He decided to get up from the bed and open wardrobe

>Before he could open it the door the door was opened by the ghost girl

"Aahhh- Sorry that I scared you. But what is your name an-"

>Before he could finish the sentence the girl passed through the door and him

<"I'm Emilia!"


<"What? You don't remember me Anon? You don't remember the times in preschool? When we used to play together those games?"

>Anon gave a deep thinking moment.

>He remembered that infact he used to play with young tomboy looking girl when he was in preschool and primary school but only vividly since long time has passed since those times.

>Then he remembered something

"Wait, didn't you die during a car crash?"

<"Well yes.... But don't like to remember that time."

<"But I have to finish something on this world"

>She sighened and started

<"I-I-I've alwa-always l-l-l-lov-ed you."

>Anon started blushing

"Me too."

"So will you now go to afterlife as any of those ghost in ghost stories."

<"No. Because I've still got something to do."

>She pushed him down to bed and started putting his dick into her "chamber"

<"Aaaaaaah~~~ It's in~~~."

>She started moving her hips

>She got so red yet through she was a ghost.

>She started moving her hips faster

>And faster

"Can- you... Please slow... Down? I think- I'm gonna.. come!!!

>Anon came in her

>The cum was suprisingly inside of her despide of being a ghost

>But she didn't stop infact she was going even faster

"Ca- you plea- s-."

>Anon blacked out.

>He woke up in bed

"It was mostlikely just a drea-"

>He smelled overcooked pancakes

>He went to his kitchen

>He saw Emilia trying to cook pancakes

<"Oh good mornin' Hon. I'm trying to make pancakes. I don't know how to properly do them."

>Anon sighened and went to help her new girlfriend.

>And that's how Anon met his happy end, how will you?

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