Harpy and me

By thunder4

>It was cold winter

>Reaally cold

>A red colored harpy was sleeping in a bed

>She had a weird dream

>She was dreaming of a wedding, her wedding and her bride was her hubby

>Anon as she liked to call him

>And right before the yes I do part, she woke up

>She was crying

>She cleaned her face some time later

>Then she did her morning routine

>You know, brushing your teeth **with your feet**, eating breakfast and browsing /human/

>There was standart stuff

>Baphos getting gets

>Kikis giving some advice on how to properly cook with some shogs shitposting

>After that she went to work

>While she went to work a message came to her on her mobile phone

>Go and meet me at Alexandria's in a "pub"

>She thought that it was some sort of scummy HMS scam **harpy message system**

>But when she thought about it, she might as well try it

>When she came to the and went inside, she was in a forest?

>A very thick forest, so much that she couldn't see sky

>As she walked on forest floor somewhere, where she could find where she is

>She sensed a wierd feeling that made her lost control over her body

>She went flying and nearly hit a tree

>When she could try to control herself for a bit and land on tree, she saw him

>It was the Anon from her dream!

>He was sitting on a bench

>She went for it

>Without waiting she grabbed him flew away

>She could hear him screeming as she flew away

>"What the fuck just happened? Why was I taken by a an bird?!"

<"I'm no bird, dummy! I'm a harpy!"

>He looked up and could see her panties

>Before she could realise, he blacked out

>But that didn't bother her

>When she found a comfy unoccupied nest

>She thrown him on the nest

>And she went his little meat rod

>While she was unziping his pants, he got up

>He tryed to get away from her

>She grasped him

<"It's a big fall from here"

>"Oh god I don't wanna to get my virginity get away like this"

<"But I want"

>"I wanted to get raped by an centaur!"

<"Too late."

>The "meat rod" punched through her and into her uterus

>She went up

>And down...

<"How does it fell inside me Anon?"

>"My name is actually A...."

>She went for a kiss

>He hugged her back

<"Will you take responsibility?"

>"Well if there isn't anything to do then Ye-"

>She sped up

>"I'm gonna co-"

>She kissed him again

<"Well then do it."

>He came into her

>It continued to the next day?


>It was a hot summer

>Small chicks were running around a yard on top of the "tree house" **well more of house and tree house combined**

>A pregnant harpy got out of the house with a boy behind and hugging her legs

<"Charlie! Daisy! The dinner is ready!"

<"Ok ma!"

>As the two harpy chicks ran into the house, the pregnant harpy asked her husband

<"Can't you bellieve it? It's nearly five years since we met."

>"Yeah the time goes really fast."

>She kissed him

<"I always loved you Anon"

>"Me too Angelica"

>And they lived happily forever.

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