Don't tease me, Monika-chan!

By thunder4

>be me

>be still virgin post-DOTR

>some say that you are lucky, but it's more or pain

>you always feel depresed when you see those happily married men and mamono

>you go to the park to relieve some stress

>the park is as always beutiful, full of cute cuddleing birds, chirps, harpies and happy couples. But the air is fresh.

>you go and sit on a bench

>then, out of nowhere you see a brown goat loli

>they are as far as you know called baphomet and they are supposed to be in sort of cult or what?

>she is dressed in very teaseful way

>she was in hotpants, unzipped sweater with belly exposed, a shirt that exposes that she has no bras and you could see her pantsu with a bear on them and yellowish hair in a ponytail

>she looks at you with that one smug smirk

>she was coming closer

>and closer

>you don't know what to do

>should you run to save you virginity but be forever alone

>or should you welcome her with open arms

>before you could even realise, she was already next to you

>She's rubbing her head on your shoulder

>when you try to get up from the bench, but she puts you back down with so much force that you wouldn't expect from a girl small as her

<"Oniiichan thinks that he could escape from me.~~~ Kuhuhuu~~~"

>you don't know what to do now

>she goes even closer

<"By the way oniiichan. What's your name? Mine is Monika.~~"

>She says this while rubbing your tight

"Monika? Mine is Anon."

<"Kuhuhuu~, so Anon? Hmmm. How about we shall go on a date?"

"And... When? And where?"

<"Meet me at the Baffle shop today at 6pm."

"Aaaaall... Right."


>you go to the designated location at the designated time.

>There are a lot of loli/flatchested girl with their boyfriends

>you went and took a seat alone

>you though that this is some sort of joke and she's not gonna com

>you waited some time before Monika came

>she was in gyaru styled schoolgirl uniform with a shortest skirt on the planet and tighthigh half-stockings and her hair in twintails

>she took a seat opposite of you

<"Looks like Oniiichan was a bit alone~ don't worry Monika-chan is here now."

>she headpats you while saying the last part

>you think why does she even call you Onichan when she's so dominant?

>a small girl with an oversized witch hat and a colorfull uniform comes to you

>"So what it i'll be young couple?"

>before you even think it through, Monika says

<"One chocolate dream! For couples~."

>"As you wish."

>the little witch goes back where she came from

>Monika puts her paw on your hand starts to intertwine your digits with hers

>both you blush, one more than the other

<"So Anonkun what's your fauvorite thing to do when you are alone?"

"I... play games mo-mostly... strategy and jrpgs."

>she blushes way onto the some level as you

<"Me t-too."

>she said it in the most quiet and cutest voice you've ever heard of.

>then came a rather reasonably sized man with the waffels

>they were rather over sized portion of waffels, even for a couple. They were poured with chocolate sirup and lots of nutella and also lots of whipped cream

>Monikas' eyes lighted up with happiness and she went right in.

>you smirked and started to dig in too


>after the date you went to a love hotel, fully operated by jubjubs and cupids

>the first sign you've seen was a anticondom psa

>you had a rather reasonably sized room

>there ofcourse were a lot of anticondom art and stuff

<"Oniiichan~~? Will you help me take a bath~?"

>you said to yourself "Why not?"

>when you opened the bathroom you've saw Monika completly naked, with no tanlines

>you knew you were for a treat

<"What are ya waiting for Onichan~? Are ya scared?"

>you went into the small bath with her on top of you

>you knew that when you get erect you'll raped in bath, but you couldn't help yourself

>she started moving her hips back and front, sliding on your dick with relative ease

>you couldn't have helped yourself and started playing with her tits

>they were small, perky, but still they were breasts

>you've played with them even after they got erect

>you were about to come

>but then she stoped and dud some magical crap and you couldn't come

<"Oniiichan cum doesn't belong here Kuhuhuu~~.

>She went up and dryed herself and you went after her into the bed

>she was laying there ready to be dominated

>you went on top with hand laying next to her face

>you went to penetrate her

>before you could realise she has rotated you to the bottom with massive strenght

<"Onichan thought that he's gonna be on top Kuhuhuu~."

>she kissed you and and put you dick inside of tight little puss

>you saw blood come from the entrance

"Are you al-"

<"Yes Onichan, I'm allright"

>she started moving her hips up and down

>you couldn't resist

>you spanked her little ass


>and again


>and ag-

<"Onichan still thinks that hes on top Kuhuhuu~."

>she rapidly sped up

>you couldn't contain it

>you came

<"Hmmmha~ Onichan came~ inside me~~."

"Might I ask you why did ya-"

>she started moving her hips up and down again

>she gave you a another kiss

<"Why did I blush when I said that I like strategys too? Because some stuff that I like I'm not too proud of, but I don't hate them"

>you continued to be violated by her till the morning

>the ride never ends

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