Cheshire in my mind

By thunder4

>Be me

>Post dotr

>Still a virgin

>I go to /monster/ often, but It makes me just more depressed.

>The board is now full of anons and their happy wifes and some other unmarried mamono

>Lie all the time that I'm married, because I don't want to get violantly raped by Hellhound or Ammit forbid a Manticore

>Also a gremlin friend aka friends wife helps me for some reason?

>Out of nowhere I get a weird feeling to go to bed

>So get ready to go to bed, because why not?

>Wait, why am I doing words of my head that I didn't even think of?

>Just realise that Mindflayer exist.

>Try to be awake for a bit, because I don't wanna be a squid/octopus or what ever they make their husband into

>The more time I'm awake, the more tired I get

>Accidently fall asleep

>Get up in my old childhood house

>"Wait, Why am I here?"

>Go around the house

>No one anywhere

>"God this brings so much memories. I wonder if I can find here my favourite childhood books"

>Go and get up some books

>I choose a book called "How to get away from forest?"

>Get a weird feeling of being followed

>Out of nowhere I'm in the forest from slender: the eight pages, I think?

>Also out of nowhere find a torch on the ground

>Pick it out of the ground

>Turn around

>No one anywhere

>When I turned back I did see a person in the distance

>I freeze in place, knowing that whatever is that thing was mostlikely the voice in my head

>The person vanishes into thin air

>I take some courage to start again moving

>Go around the forest and instead of pages with operator symbols or he will find you, I find pages with yandere-esque shit written on it

>Again feel that, someones watching me

>Don't turn back

>Don't turn back

>Don't turn back

>Don't turn back

>Out of nowhere, a tentacle entangles my dick

<"Hi darling."

>Get a scareboner.

>Out of nowhere two tentacles start touching my face

>Get a weird feeling of like being in heaven

>It all stops

>I'm in middle of void


>A person comes from the darkness

>Some weird ass mix of cheshire and mindflayer

>She looks like a regular cheshire but with way more dark skin, darker shade of purple she, has a tentacle instead of a tail and two hair tentacles and her right eye has an inverted color scheme

>Also she is in a rather odd gala clothes

<"Hi darling, how do you feel? Is there something wrong?"

>I again freeze in place not knowing to do anything

<"Do you want get away from this nightmare?"

>"But, didn't you mak-"

>I got pulled by her tentacle right into her breasts

>I felt a weird smell that I cannot even describe, but I'll say one thing it was beautiful.

>I felt like I was in heaven when she start using both her paw and the tentacle at the same time

>Both her hair tentacles have lightly groped my neck and slowly rubbed up and down

>"Oh god..."

<"Seems like you like it darling?"

>"Oh god. I think I'm going to com-"

>Before I could finish the sentance, she showed my dick into her pussy

<"Not now darling, You'll have to wait wa to finish off."

>She started moving gently, but god if it didn't feel like I'm going to melt from not only the happiness but also from our sex

>She started moving a bit faster.

>She pulled my face from her breasts.

<"Try out the milk darling~"?

>I do it without a question

>The milk starts going out a bit more sweet then your ordinary cow milk

>It was at this time I came inside

>I out of nowhere get up

>I'm in bed

>I quess it was just a dream

>On top of me lays head, super tired cheshire-mindflayer from the dream, but she has the her hair and tentaclehair in a shory ponytail

>Also she appears to be in a rather comfy pajamas

>She also murmurs something

<"Mine, mine hubby... all mine..."

>Do go again to sleep

>When I get up again I was again alone

>Atleast in bed

>Get hit in the nose by the smell burned bread

>Get dressed and go find the source of the smell

>When I step into my rather small kitchen, I get a gaze onto the afformentioned cheshire-mindflayer but now with glasses and some sort of sand-like colored T-shirt with white truck and also words spelling out "Right on schedule"

<"Oh hi darling! Sorry that I didn't introduce myself. I'm Amilia. Thats A-M-I-L-I-A. And also sorry that I kinda breaking into your house and sleeping with you. But here you have a toast as a repaymet!"

>She gives me a toast with strawberry jam on it

>"You don't ow me anything Amilia. And weren't you also shorter?"

<"That was just a dream, Darling. I often like myself bigger"

>She says this with extreme smug.

>I go near her and hug her

>"You don't need to change yourself because of me, I like you just the way your like. Even in dreams"

>Her face reddens as I say this, her hair tentacles wobble around too and also her tail-tentacle slowly entangles my leg

<"Thank- you."

>My life has changed since that

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