Cabin story

By thunder4

I feel sleepy. It's been over a decade since I've been here. This cabin. So much memories from childhood. So much has changed...


Me and my amazon wife decided on the winter holidays to go to our newly bought cabin. The cabin wasn't actually new in any way, it was once my grandparents who sold it to someone else who later post-DOTR sold it to danuki. We were happy to go out of our apartment and explore the beautiful nature of Tatras. I was forced to take the passanger seat by my wife.I've had some problems, since it was well, my car (from her money). She used to be in demon lords army now is a sort of veteran since she came to earth. She never told me why she stopped being in the DLs army, but I mostly think it was out of the generic war stuff like depressions and such. The road would be taking us roughly 3 hours.


We were now goung though the hilly roads of middle Slovakia. I've always liked the nature of this region. Nature, animals and. My wife wasn't that much intrested in it, mostly because she was concertrating on the read and cars on it. It's funny, because she was better at driving then me, a carguy.Every guestion from me only answered with some simple answers. Like:

"Yeah", "Ok" and "Mhm"

Not even radio was allowed to get away the boredom, because it distracted her, kind of like my mom. I didn't have a problem with it, even if it made the ride a bit boring.

"I love you, Evelin." I said to my wife. "Thanks hun." she answered and we went on.


When we came there it was just about the middle of day or somewhere around lunch. So we were kind of hungry since we didn't eat anywhere on the trip. The outside was the same as I remember it lots of grass and lot's of trees and a small dirty way to the road. We parked right infront of the porch. So I went and took my keys and while my waifu was looking at the nature around the cabin, I came into the entrance-hall. The room smelled like crap, but it overflow me with nostalgia, even though it changed a bit. Or did it? I don't even remember what was here and what wasn't.

"I think we should let some fresh air in, hun." Said my wife, "Yeah I think so." I replied back. "Who originally owned this place?" Said my big Amazon. "Well I think this was sort of restaurant, but I might be misremembering it." I answered her guestion "Sounds weird, but you might be right with the misremembering part, now let's unpack" After we unpacked, we went to the nearest shop, it was small and a nice whitehorn greated, she was nice and all. Never seen a whitehorn in Slovakia. When we came back I could get a good look at the cabin. The cabin has deffinitly changed. There was a better TV now. And a bit diffrent table and such. And don't forget new bed-couch. We went to cooking and by "we" I meant I went to cook. I enjoyed cooking since I was young, but never practiced it well enough up untill I became her husband.

While she was looking at what's going on tv (she loves tv by the way), I was cooking frankfurters (actually it's the slovak version)

My waifu was already looking at the tv for some pre-dotr movies, something from the 90s I didn't pay much attention.

I came with the cooked food and she started eating it away faster then me. After we ate them I asked her "Why didn't you stay at the army?"

She gave out a sigh. "It's because I was worried of dying before I could meet anyone who I loved. Don't laugh or anything it's just a weird phobia or something."

I gave her a hug and she hugged me back. She said: "I love you hubby, soooo much~" and I replied with "I-I love you too."

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